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Blog for the abstraction and rewriting of AMSN's ( gui.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

All about new and gooey

This blog is where information and updates about the re-writing of Amsn's gui will go.
Some things to note:
1) All screenshots posted here will be actual results of actual real live proper code, unless otherwise stated
2) Please dont comment asking "When is this gonna be in amsn?" or similar. It'll get in when it's finished. And it'll be finished when it's finished ;)
3) This blog is a playground for ideas and progress with those ideas. If you have any comments or thoughts on this or anything, please do post!

Anyway, enjoy :)



  • At 1:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi tom! Thanks for ur job with aMsn, it's a wondeful project that help me to leave microsoft software. Excuse me for the question, i hope you reply. I have just delete my hotmail account for use a gmail account. When a person add my account i see the popup that ask me if i want to include him to my contact list, but when i confirm i don't see the new contact in the list. Do you know what i could do to solve the problem? I have read about problems with accounts like yahoo, gmail and others, but i've not found the solution.

    Thanks for ur time & ur job, can u reply to

    Bye, Vittorio


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