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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Next on the agenda...

Now I've worked out the structure and basic code for the contact list, I need to start on a new section of the gui. However, I'm on work experience at Newcross Hospital this week, so I probably won't get started until after I've finished there...
The next item I'll tackle will probably be the sign-in page. Unlike the current set-up, the sign in page will be a different widget to the contact list one.

I shall probably base it on a canvas, to get nice pretty effects :) It need only be a simple page, like the msn 7.5 sign-in screen. "Profiles" will be transparent - the user won't know they exist, but all the features will still be there if you ask AMSN to "remember you". You will also be able to have AMSN "forget you", whereupon you will be warned that this will remove all associated chatlogs and stuff for that account.

I look forward to starting it! :)


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