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Friday, February 24, 2006

Adapt to your environment

Hello all,
This is KaKaRoTo, it's my first post on this blog, I'm stressed :P
The subject is about "adapting to your environment"... what the hell would that mean ? humm.. maybe I'm here to talk about a new (unfinished, unstable, unreleased) plugin that's called 'Chameleon'? oh yeah, that might be it.
Chameleon is a plugin that lets you 'change your skin', or I'd rather say 'adapt to your environment' to avoid any confusion with aMSN's skins.
The plugin is still in development and is not yet finished. I don't have that much time to work on it right now, but I'd like to share my work with you and get comments until I finish it up.
Chameleon uses the 'tile' extension for Tk, you'll find more info about it on :
It is totally independant of aMSN skins, those define the images to use, and the different little GUI tweaks, while Chameleon completly changes the GUI itself.
The following screenshots were both taken from a Windows machine, as well as the two images in each screenshot. The image on the right is aMSN preferences window without Chameleon plugin loaded, the one on the left, is with the plugin loaded.
The plugin should be 100% platform independant, I didn't test it on Mac, but I did on Linux, and it works great!
This is a real image taken with the plugin, which means that so far, this is what the plugin can already do.
Here's the first screenshot, Chameleon was configured to use the "Windows XP" theme :

And here's the second screenshot which is using the "Clam" theme that I pretty much like :

I hope you all liked it!

EDIT : Finally stable and released, follow it all up at :


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Call for help

At the moment I don't have much to do, and so I have decided to ask you, the reader, to help me out.
I want emails/comments with ideas for GUI features - no protocol features, please. This means things which will make using Amsn easier, or more fun. Here's the main thing, though:
I don't care how silly, crazy, or obscure your ideas are. I want them all!
(If you've read Enders Game by Orson Scott Card, think of it like Bean's little toon in Ender's army.)

Whenever you get an idea or something just comes to mind, email me with it. In a week or so, I'll write up a list of the ideas I like most and attempt to code them.
You can email me at:
bluetit {at} users [dot] sf (dot) net


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Chat window

Long time no see! Sorry about that! Life has been a bit hectic recently.
But not so hectic that I haven't come up with something new for you!
So, here you are, the future (I hope) of the chat window! Obviously the yellow statusbar and mypic yourpic stuff is only temporary until I've done those bits properly....